Jane is growing two kinds of bacteria in her lab. She starts with 300 bacteria of sample 1 in a petri dish and they multiply at a rate of 5 percent per minute. Five minutes later, she starts growing sample 2 with the same starting amount of bacteria. These bacteria multiply at a rate of 8 percent per minute. Which inequality can be used to find how many minutes it will take until the number of bacteria in sample 2 exceeds the number of bacteria in sample 1? A300(1.08)^t>300(1.05)^t , B 300(1.08)^t-5>300(1.05)^t, C300(1.05)^t>300(1.08)^t-5, D300(0.92)^t-5>300(0.92)^t, E300(0.92)^t-5>300(0.92)^t-5 Read more on Brainly - https://brainly.com/sf/question/7692508

Accepted Solution

I Believe The Answer Is:

Β B 300(1.08)^t-5>300(1.05)^t

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